If you’re looking for a therapy that doesn’t involve your cat having to take medications or return to the clinic for repeated treatments of a modality like acupuncture, essential oils may help them out instead. ¬†Essential oils can be used in a way that is harmonious with traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, they can also be used topically to stimulate acupuncture points in place of using a needle. This method is very effective and provides all the benefits of the stimulated point plus the benefits of the oil used. High quality essential oils, can also be taken internally¬†with the proper selection and dilution.

It is very important that you seek advice from a qualified professional before using essential oils on your pet, particularly with cats! Essential oils are very powerful tools and should not be used on pets (particularly cats) without dilution. Cats also have some particular sensitivities to some oils that must be accounted for when treating them.

Essential oils don’t work for every problem, but they can be highly effective for challenges that arise from a mental or emotional source. They can be an excellent tool for treating behavioral issues. They can also be helpful for treating conditions as varied as digestive upset to joint soreness. Expect this therapy to take some time to be effective in most patients which means that it is not usually appropriate for patients needing rapid relief from symptoms, but can be combined with other methods for those patients.

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