Dr. Sharon Forster-Blouin


“I wanted to create a hospital where I would want to take my own cats…”


I’ve always been fascinated by cats. In fact my first suitor, a sweet seven year old named Lance, presented me a National Geographic featuring a cat article. It worked!


I was inspired to start Corvallis Cat Care after many experiences working in other veterinary clinics where I became the doctor always scheduled to see the cats, especially those thought to be irascible. I came to appreciate that they were not “bad”, they were just scared. After experiencing how uncomfortable my own cats were when visiting veterinary clinics, I wanted to create a hospital where I would want to take my own cats, a place that would meet my expectations as a concerned cat guardian.


I envisioned a space that, unlike most practices, would have windows in the exam rooms so feline patients could connect to the outside world and be soothed by something familiar while being in a very unfamiliar place. I wanted to build a hospital staffed by members who all really liked cats and wanted to work with them; staff who were themselves cat people and would understand and appreciate feline sensibilities and cat opinions. I wanted more wood and less metal, fewer smells to offend cat noses, fewer noises. And I wanted to work with other doctors who themselves had a particular fondness for cats.


My educational background includes a master’s degree in parasitology and a Ph.D. in population genetics. Both of these involved teaching requirements and initiated my commitment to client education. I feel that if I can teach you how to prevent most medical issues before they arise, then your young feline friend may not need more than a yearly visit.


I want your yearly visits to be about routine exams and learning optimal ways of caring for your cat including eliminating unnecessary toxins, promoting healthy diet, risk reduction, and strategic vaccine plans. This way we have as few medical problems as possible until the natural age-related issues arise. At that point we will work together as often as needed to guide your cat companion through as long, and joyous a life as we can provide. I want our work together to be a team effort that closely involves you, the patient’s guardian. As the guardian, you are the one who will be offering the nurturing environment, ideal nutrition, and any needed medications, and we are here to offer you the knowledge and support you need.


I became an integrative practitioner when I had to search for alternative ways of treating the health problem of my beloved fur child for whom conventional healthcare failed to provide answers. You tend to become more open-minded when one of your own is fading before you. And to my great relief, these approaches worked!

I routinely practice conventional medicine including diagnostics, procedures, and many avenues of prevention. I feel conventional medicine is especially suited for crisis management and temporary “band aids” for annoying symptoms; however it’s not always so good at treating the underlying cause of a chronic health challenge. Holistic medical approaches try to unearth the cause and treat the root so that the band aids are no longer needed. They also provide us with many more options to treat pain and other symptoms, especially when a patient is sensitive to conventional medications.


In addition to graduate training and my veterinary degree from the University of Florida, I have also received training in craniosacral therapy, homotoxicology, and nutritional medicine. I frequently attend seminars in human nutrition and naturopathic topics to see what we could use for our patients. I am currently excited about organic acid testing and functional medicine. Disease is a failure to function properly and the functional medicine approach focuses on treating the disease by restoring the body to proper function at the biochemical level.


When I’m not at the clinic I enjoy gardening and growing my food, cooking, scuba diving, and travel. One of my major passions (aside from feline medicine) is earth stewardship with an emphasis on recycling.


Check out our sustainability page to see how she puts this in action in her business. (Coming soon!)




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