It is our mission to:

  • Use integrative medicine with compassion and understanding, working toward whole-body healing.
  • Promote the well-being of our feline patients in a calm, caring environment.
  • Help preserve and enrich the bond between humans and their companion animals through shared knowledge and experience.

Our clinic was designed with your cat in mind. We understand that taking your cat out of his or her home environment is always stressful; so it is our priority to reduce that stress as much as possible. From the moment you enter the clinic to the time you leave, we endeavor to create the best experience for your cat.

The atmosphere inside the clinic feels like home with cozy seating, coffee, tea, and newspapers in the waiting room. In each exam room, you will find enough space to hold several family members and french doors that open to accommodate wheelchairs. Our exam tables are wooden and covered with nonskid mats and a clean, fresh towel to make your cat more comfortable. Your cat can enjoy the calming Feliway pheromones that permeate the clinic, the ambiance of the aquarium, and the active bird feeders outside the exam room windows that have all been provided with feline anxiety reduction in mind.

An average appointment is usually 45 minutes from start to finish because our staff and doctors take the time to handle your cat in a slow and calm manner. Every time you come in for a full exam visit you can rest assured that your cat will receive a complete physical examination to ensure their health is optimal.

Why a cat clinic anyway?

So why should you choose a cat clinic? What makes us so special?

Well as you, dear reader and also dedicated cat person already know, cats are special beings. They have very different sensibilities than our other furry friends and see the world in a very different way. Cats are predators, yes, but they are also small enough to be prey. Cats are also very territorial critters and generally do not like to be removed from their homes.

So what’s a devoted cat parent to do? You want the best for your cat, which includes high quality preventative medicine and care when your feline friends are ill, but how to provide it without making them afraid for their lives.

Corvallis Cat Care is here for you!

In an average veterinary clinic the vast majority of patients are dogs – smelly, scary, noisy, curious dogs. Have you ever had the experience of a large, suspicious looking strange dog leaping at you to say hi? It can be pretty scary if that dog looks big enough to cause you harm and you don’t know them. Well, imagine you’re sick, stuck in a box in a strange place and that same thing happens. Even with the best of intentions, exuberant canine companions often can’t control their curiosity when sharing a waiting room with kitties. Our clinic provides a quiet calm canine free environment for our patients during a potentially stressful time. No chance your cat will be ambushed by a (hopefully) well meaning dog.

Not only are there no dog ambushes, but the noise and smell of dogs that can often stress out our kitties are eliminated as well.

Cats generally dislike being in strange places. They are territorial and want to know that the place they are in is safe and is not the territory of a strange cat. Because we understand this we take a few special precautions to help minimize the effect this can have.

We use Feliway in all of our patient areas. Feliway is a special synthetic pheromone that is designed to mimic the pheromone that your cat’s chin and cheeks produce. When the room smells like feline facial pheromones, it’s like a big message saying “This place is familiar. This place is safe.”

Both our exam rooms have views of a large active bird feeder, offering another method of stress relief for our patients.

The other thing we do is to change towels after every patient. Your cat will not be sitting on a towel that smells like it should belong to another cat.

What’s the best part of going to a cat clinic? The people!

Every person who works at our cat clinic is a cat person. We all love their quirks!

You will not find us in the treatment area drawing straws over who has to see the stressed kitty, we are all eager to get them out of the waiting room and settled into an exam room where they can hopefully feel more comfortable. We understand delicate feline sensibilities and are sensitive to their needs. We love to snuggle your babies when they come to visit us and have compassion for their situation if they need to undergo something stressful. When we bring a patient into the treatment area for a procedure or sample collection, you can be confident that we are chatting with them and loving on them the whole time they are apart from you.

We know that vet visits can be stressful for your cat and for you! We do our best here to ease your mind and do everything we can to help your cat have the most positive experience possible.

– Dr. Erika Raines, DVM, CVA, CVSMT