As you approach Corvallis Cat Care the first thing you will see is our sign, it’s hard to miss. In this hybrid business and residential district made up mostly of historic houses there are a lot of signs, but none quite as striking as ours in purples and greens.

Once you arrive, come through the front door into the reception area and be welcomed by Judy and Mary at the front desk. Please help yourself to tea or coffee. Your cat can enjoy watching the fish tank from the safety of their carrier or if they are shy, please use one of the provided towels to cover the carrier making it darker and more cave-like. Either way they’ll benefit from the Feliway feline pheromone diffusers placed throughout the clinic which will help them gain a sense of calm.

From reception one of our veterinary assistants or certified veterinary technicians will escort you and your cat into an exam room.

Our exam rooms have Feliway diffusers just like reception, and they also have large, bright windows that open onto our garden. The examination tables are moveable to accommodate wheelchairs through the French doors. There are well-frequented bird feeders outside the window that will help keep your cat entertained and get their focus onto something more familiar and exciting than their current surroundings.

If your cat needs a procedure or lab samples collected, we will take them into our bright, airy treatment room. Our equipment (such as the centrifuge) is muffled to reduce noise. Should your cat need to stay for a period of time, we will house them in a plastic condo in our treatment room. The plastic is important because it is less cold on their feet and does not transmit echoing noises like a metal unit can. If they are nervous we will give them a privacy screen so they do not have to see the other cats in the clinic.