Dr. Blouin participates in several community activities.

Recycling Volunteer – Dr. Blouin is a willing recycling volunteer at local festivities in Corvallis. She has volunteered for several years at the annual DaVinci Days.

Dog Stool Cleanup in the McDonald Forest — Dr Blouin spends many hours volunteering for the OSU College of Forestry cleaning up dog stool that has been left on the forest trails. She regularly picks up 80lb of waste in a month on a 1/2 mile trail.

City Street Beautification – Dr. Blouin regularly helps maintain the median on 9th St, south of Circle Blvd.

Corvallis Flower Basket Program — The clinic donates to the Corvallis Flower Basket Program. This is an independent, non-profit, volunteer program that adorns downtown Corvallis with amazing flower baskets. Each year they hang and care for over 250 baskets!

Multiple Sclerosis 150 Fundraiser – Dr. Blouin loves to participate in the MS 150 bicycle race fundraiser whenever she can. This involves cycling for 150 miles!

Vet Students – Our doctors have regularly hosted veterinary students for externships and internships.

Occupy Corvallis – Dr. Blouin volunteered in the summer of 2012 to oversee a local vaccination and wellness clinic for pets belonging to people in need of free veterinary care. Occupy Corvallis was hosted by the Shelter Medicine Club at OSU’s College of Vet Med.