If your cat is not feeling well, the doctor may recommend additional diagnostics. Blood, urine, or other body fluid testing can be completed at several reference labs and in our own clinic, using various analyzers. If imaging is recommended, an X-ray can be taken at the same visit. The X-ray is first interpreted by our doctors and then sent out to a board-certified radiologist. Further imaging using ultrasound can be done here at the clinic as well. If advanced imaging is needed, such as endoscopy, CAT scan, or MRI, the doctors can help arrange a referral to a specialist.

Some illnesses require intravenous fluids and medications with close supervision. We understand how stressful it can be when your cat is sick and away from home. If your cat requires a medical stay, we offer a quiet, calm hospital setting with Feliway diffusers, a single use litter box, and soft bedding. If at all possible, our staff will teach you what treatments you can provide, so your cat can recover in his or her home environment.