We believe a thorough exam, along with your input about your cat’s home life, is a critical part of medical care. Wellness exams are recommended for healthy cats on an annual basis until they are seniors, over the age of 10. At that point, we recommend twice-yearly exams. Cats age more quickly than humans, and more frequent check-ups will help identify health-related changes early on while in the senior years. At the time of your cat’s exam, the doctor will explain and discuss the findings. Together with you, we will review what is working well and also where your cat’s health may need some help, with emphasis on preventative care. The doctors can instruct you on what to monitor at home so that we can work together to keep your cat healthy, and will seek your input on solutions that will work for you and your cat’s unique situation.

We will discuss nutrition, behavior, and social interaction as well as vaccines, deworming, flea control, and blood testing where appropriate. We understand that vaccination is often a confusing and controversial issue, so we will work together with you to structure a protocol that is safe and relevant to your cat’s particular lifestyle while keeping the risks of inflammation from over-vaccination to a minimum. We will discuss the vaccine recommendations of the American Association of Feline Practitioners for the risks your cat encounters. We also offer blood titers as a way to monitor immunity and create an individualized vaccine plan. All of the vaccines we carry are non-adjuvanted to help prevent unnecessary inflammation at the site where the vaccine is administered.

We encourage adoption of cats from shelters, and will honor any certificate for a first-time complimentary exam.